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Your Wedding Day: Is Appearance Everything?

As a bride, your wedding day is the day you may have dreamed of as a child or been planning for many years since you met your sweetheart.
Among the many considerations you ponder before your big day – such as where the wedding will be held, what food you will serve, who you will invite, what flowers you’ll hold and how many bridesmaids to have – another big consideration is how you will look on this day.

In the company of loved ones

Although some weddings are full of many friends and work colleagues, chances are your big day will consist of some of your nearest and dearest relatives and close friends. That said, they will know you and your groom for the people you are, and know how you often do your hair, do your make up, and what you look like every day of your life!

So when it comes down to it, do you see your wedding day as a day to show your friends and family the most enhanced version of yourself, with makeup, contact lenses and other beauty products or do you stay true to the person your family know and love?

Be comfortable

The bride should have a natural look
A natural look is beautiful on this bride.

Whatever your decision, it is important that you feel comfortable. For example, lots of glasses-wearing brides choose to wear contacts on their wedding day. Contact lenses may stop the unsightly glare bouncing off the camera lens, but it is important to remember that if you’re comfortable wearing your glasses and aren’t used to wearing contacts (and not used to how you look when you wear contacts), stay true to what you know. Making a change like this on your big day could cause last minute panic if you feel uncomfortable both on the inside and out.

Makeup is another consideration for brides-to-be. If you’re used to a natural look and don’t like the look of an overly-made-up face, opt for a natural look on your wedding day! A natural pink lip and wide-eye look is a great look for all skin colors and complexions, and the key is always to try your makeup before your big day!

Be you!

wedding makeup
This bride opts for a more dramatic makeup look, which looks great.

Remember, your wedding day is the day you will be most photographed and have the loving eyes of your friends and family cast upon you. Make sure that however you choose to look – from more dramatic eye makeup and false lashes to natural mascara and lip balm – that you feel comfortable all day long. This is your day to celebrate, so enjoy it!

About the author: Amy blogs about lifestyle and beauty for leading online glasses retailer Direct Sight.

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