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Wedding Cakes Through The Ages

Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of every wedding. You always remember how beautiful the bride and how handsome the groom look on their special day, but the wedding cake also stays long in the memory, especially when it is fully displayed in all its glory during the reception. It is hard to take your eyes away from something so stunning that is also going to be so delicious. Throughout the ages, wedding cakes have always been an important part of a ceremony, just not always in the way we see as traditional today. For example, in 1300AD, a cake made from wheat was thrown at the bride as a symbol of fertility. Not quite as romantic as a picture perfect tiered beauty, but it was the medieval era. Regardless of the century, decade or custom, a wedding cake is a symbol of happiness and togetherness and something that everyone can enjoy on our loved ones special day.

History of wedding cakes

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