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Auspicious Wedding Dates 2011

Of course you will want to make sure that you will be get married in a good day. In this case, you will want to search for the lucky days for wedding. There are some couples who may go to a fortune teller. This is of course the best way to choose the date. Yet, you can also take the following auspicious wedding dates 2011 as a reference so that you can choose the best date for your event.

Auspicious Wedding Dates 2011

9 January (Sun)
15 January (Sat)
17 January (Mon)
20 January (Thur)
5 February (Sat)
8 February (Tue)
9 February (Wed)
11 February (Fri)
13 February (Sun)
14 February (Mon)
4 March (Fri)
8 March (Tue)
9 March (Wed)
11 March (Fri)
12 March (Sat)
13 March (Sun)
18 March (Fri)
20 March (Sun)
23 March (Wed)
24 March (Thur)
29 March (Tue)
5 April (Tue)
2 May (Mon)
12 May (Thur)
15 May (Sun)
16 May (Mon)
2 June (Thur)
9 June (Thur)
12 June (Sun)
13 June (Mon)
15 June (Wed)
3 July (Sun)
6 July (Wed)
3 August (Wed)
4 August (Thur)
6 August (Sat)
10 August (Wed)
11 August (Thur)
16 August (Tue)
17 August (Wed)
18 August (Thur)
4 September (Sun)
10 September (Sat)
4 October (Tue)
8 October (Sat)
15 October (Sat)
17 October (Mon)
18 October (Tue)
5 November (Sat)
8 November (Tue)
9 November (Wed)
11 November (Fri)
12 November (Sat)
15 November (Tue)
17 November (Thur)
5 December (Mon)
9 December (Fri)
15 December (Thur)
16 December (Fri)

The above are the auspicious wedding dates 2011. Remember, you should only take the above dates as references. You should consider the date according to your own needs. Without any surprise, it will be the best scenario if you can choose a date which can suit your needs and at the same time an auspicious date.

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