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Creative Wedding Registry Ideas: It’s Not All Blenders!

If your wedding is just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about a wedding registry. Registering for your wedding is a great service and convenience for your guests. While some couples may feel a bit awkward telling guests exactly what they want – when they don’t things can get really out of hand. Your guests can spend money on gifts you don’t want at many different stores. This can cause you to receive duplicates of quite a number of gifts and to have to return items all over town. The wedding registry benefits both the wedding guests and the couple.

But what if the wedding couple truly don’t need a blender, or any of the other traditional wedding gifts you’d receive? What should they do? Fortunately there are a number of creative options for the couple who seems to “have it all” but still wants to celebrate their wedding in style. You can choose one of these alterative registries and your wedding guests will give you a gift to enjoy and remember your special day. This is often the ideal solution.

Registering for the honeymoon has become a very popular choice. Travel can be quite expensive, especially luxury trips like a romantic honeymoon. For many couples registering for a honeymoon is a great option instead of gifts. The wedding guests can help to purchase the actual trip, as well as fun activities and dining the happy couple will do on their honeymoon. Remember to register for a variety of options for your honeymoon so all of your ideal activities will be covered, from going out to dinner and dancing to snorkeling with the dolphins. You can literally register for anything!

Some couples are choosing to register for a mortgage. This can be a great choice for a lot of couples that are looking for that dream home. Especially couples who are entering their second marriage may be in the position where they are looking for a large home to compliment both families easily and comfortable. A mortgage registry will help these couples achieve this dream. Even if the wedding gifts don’t reach the entire amount, the gifts that are given will help get them part of the way towards a mortgage. This is a lovely solution for that just starting out couple or for many couples longing for a home of their very own.

In some cases couples just don’t need anything. How fortunate for them! In that case, consider registering to donate to help charity. You’ll simply ask your guests to make a donation to charity instead of giving you a gift. It is a great idea to give your guests some type of thank you gift for giving to the charity and a sense of how much money was raised for the charity as a result of the wedding. This will inspire wedding guests as they realize they’ve helped those in need while attending your very special and romantic event.


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