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When Bridesmaids Don’t Get Along

A wedding takes a lot of time to plan and most brides just don’t have the extra energy to deal with a bridesmaid altercation. Bridesmaids can disagree about serious or very small issues. In either case, this situation can be very difficult and irritating for the bride and the entire wedding party if not handled properly.

If two bridesmaids don’t get along the first question to ask is, “Have they always had trouble not getting along?” In some cases, sisters or friends simply always bicker or fight with each other. Some of this can mean nothing and is just the way they express themselves to each other. If this is the situation then the best thing to do is to ignore the two bridesmaids causing the difficulty. But if the two bridesmaids are causing other bridesmaids to experience stress or frustration they should be spoken to in a firm way, understanding that their behavior is affecting others. That is not fair to the rest of the wedding party.

Sometimes a disagreement can happen when bridesmaids are trying to plan something. This can occur when two different personality types get together to try to do something. When someone who is very organized connects with someone who likes to “go with the flow.” Both can find the other a real bother to deal with. While some bridesmaids may know each other well, others may be getting to know each other for the first time. If your two bridesmaids are having trouble because of a personality conflict try to get them to understand that they just have different communication styles. That they both mean well but are doing different things. Do your best to assign them alternate projects or smaller duties so they don’t interact with each other.

Other times bridesmaid arguments can go much, much deeper than this. And there are times it can be hard to completely understand why bridesmaids are disagreeing. If you aren’t getting a clear answer, then trying to get the two to communicate is the first order of business. Remember that having a friend get married can be a very emotional time for many women. The unmarried women will realize that their friendships are going to change. They will also realize that they are still single and perhaps they are looking for someone special of their own. This brings up a lot of deep emotions that often have nothing to do with the bridesmaids, but actually have to do with themselves and getting married or staying single.


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