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Wedding Ideas to Ensure Amazing Wedding Photos

Once the ceremony and reception are over, all your memories would be immortalized on your wedding photos. These wedding photos would all go into your wedding album, which would be seen by your children and grandchildren someday. This is why you would need to make sure that your photographer would be able to capture all the unforgettable moments and that you and your partner would look your best. Here are some great wedding ideas on how to make sure that your wedding photos would be perfect.

1. Flowers

For your wedding flowers, make sure that you would be choosing those that do not have long spikes. This type of flowers are relatively hard to photograph and can easily ruin portrait shots. Another wedding idea to achieve great photographs would be to avoid white bouquets, as these do not shoot well. A creative wedding idea would be to try adding some color into your bouquet as this could serve as an accent in the photographs.

Another wedding idea would be to hold your bouquet slightly tipped forward so that the handle of the bouquet and your hands would be concealed. You can also tell your bridesmaids to hold their own bouquets in a relaxed way, so that their hands would appear elegant, graceful and uniform.

2. Make-up

Another thing that you would need properly done would be the make-up of the bride and the bridesmaids. As a matter of fact, even grooms today wear a bit of make-up so that would look great in the photographs. For the bride, her wedding gown usually reflects a significant amount of light on her face, particularly if her gown has a full bodice. A good wedding idea to offset this effect would be to use a bit more blush.

However, you need to make sure that the make-up base you would be using would match your natural shade, or else your head would look like it was pasted on in the photographs. As you inspect your make-up, try to look at your neck and check if it has the same color or shade as your face to look as natural as possible. Here are some other wedding ideas to make sure that your make-up would make you look amazing in the wedding photographs:

* Ensure that your make-up has been blended well and that are no visible lines or edges, especially in the areas where the makeup ends.

* A great wedding idea for your make-up would be to use a bit of lip gloss so that your lips would be highlighted. With just this simple trick, your lips would make your photographs sparkle.

* Try to stay away from make-up and instead, stick to the classic make-up techniques which have stood the test of time. This is a very practical wedding idea to look as natural as possible in the photographs.

3. The Walk Down The Aisle

Keep in mind that a bride has to slowly walk down the aisle, with her head up and her bouquet slightly tipped forward to look great on the pictures. A great wedding idea to look natural on photographs would be to look around, acknowledging some friends and relatives in the audience as you walk down the aisle. Never stare at the floor and to walk in a sad manner.

4. Your Attitude

There are those brides who are nervous being the center of attention. However, you should not be nervous at all. Remember that this is your special day and you are marrying the man who you love. Therefore, you should be happy and proud. Your wedding photographs could easily reflect your attitude and feelings throughout the ceremony and reception so it would be a wonderful wedding idea to make sure that you display your most confident and positive self to have great-looking photos as well of the most special day in your life.


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