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Wedding Etiquette For Every Guest

Wedding Etiquette While different cultures often have different expectation, there is some wedding etiquette that is quite similar no matter your culture. Let’s talk about ideal wedding etiquette for every guest. This is something the bride, groom and entire family will certainly appreciate.

Dress appropriately for the wedding. This is an important part of wedding guest etiquette. If you are unsure of what to wear, ask the bride, groom or family of the couple (way ahead of time) what would be best to wear. Different places, different times of day and different events all have different expectations of what we should wear. For some a beach wedding is very casual – for others a beach wedding is very formal and elegant. Better to ask than to show up wearing the wrong thing. Dressing attractively is something you do to honor the happy couple and family.

Be on time or even a little early for a wedding. A wedding is one of the few social events where you never want to be fashionably late! Only the bride can show up a few minutes late, as we are all waiting for her to make her grand entrance down the aisle to see her loving groom. Make sure you have good directions to where you are going. Leave extra time for wherever you are going. Always allow additional time for traffic or finding a parking place. It is better to spend twenty minutes in a bit of quiet at the location of the wedding than to be rushing to the wedding, knowing you are twenty minutes late. If you choose to only take one piece of our advice, please be early or on time for the wedding!

Always give the happy couple a gift to celebrate their wedding. Now please do not misunderstand what we are saying. To some, a wedding gift must be extravagant. We think you should choose the wedding gift that fits your budget or wallet best. Simply to celebrate with the bride and groom and give them something for their new life together. Ask the family what they would like or see if they have registered at any stores. Sometimes a gift card can be a great choice if you are unsure of what to get.


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