15 Insane Weddings That Have Ever Taken Place

1. Shrek Themed Wedding

shreck wedding

There can be little doubt that the Shrek franchise of films ranks among some of the most popular animated offerings in Hollywood history. Not surprisingly, this much-loved modern monster fairy tale has also sparked some interesting marriages. Couples have donned their best Shrek gear and painted themselves green, yes green. While every wedding may be memorable, no one will ever forget a Shrek themed wedding.


2. Nazi Themed Wedding

Nazi Themed wedding

Nazi Themed wedding 2

Yes, you did indeed read the headline correctly. Mr. & Mrs. Beardshaw in Kent, England did in fact have a Nazi themed wedding. While a Nazi themed wedding may seem like something more suited for a Brothers Grimm inspired nightmare than a fairy tale, there is more to the story than these sinister costumes might indicate. As it turns out, the Beardshaws are part of a WWII reenactment group, and some guest were dressed in WWII British and U.S. uniforms as well. Still this may have still not been the best thematic choice for a wedding.


3. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Peter Pan

For those who love magic and fantasy, a Peter Pan and Tinkerbell themed wedding would have a certain appeal. Just imagine all your favorite Renaissance fair friends slightly altering their normal costumes to fit into the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell lore. However, it’s probably safe to say that if you married a guy who likes dressing up like Peter Pan, you may have bigger problems than just the theme of your wedding.


4. Halo Inspired Wedding

Halo Themed Wedding

Nothing says love quite like shooting an alien in the face. No wonder we’ve seen Halo weddings. What says love better than a plasma sword up the side of one’s head? The couple in this photo met online playing Halo, so they deemed it only natural to have a Halo themed wedding. After the ceremony, “Level 2” was flashed up on the screen. And people say that romance is dead.


5. Star Wars Wedding

star wars

Yes, as it turns out, there are women who are willing to partake in Star Wars themed weddings. While this is shocking, it is still apparently true. This Star Wars wedding was recently held in the Ukraine. It also came complete (God help us) with Jar-Jar, George Lucas’ finest creation. Just click the link below for more photos of this couple joining in the Force.


6. Star Trek Wedding

Star Trek

Star Trek weddings are quite popular in Las Vegas. In fact, there is a bridge of the USS Enterprise where would-be Starfleet members can tie the knot while in the presence of Klingons and Ferengis, just as God commanded. It is even possible to dress up in a Starfleet uniform and attend a reception at Quark’s Bar, or at least a replica of the famous watering hole from Deep Space Nine. Back in 2009, the Star Trek Wedding Chapel was Staff Pick for Best Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that you can even get a Federation logo on your wedding cake!


7. Under the Sea Wedding

Under Water Wedding

If you don’t like the water then this one is definitely not for you. This couple met while scuba diving. They thought that it was only fitting that they formalized their love underwater and in the presence of an entire school… of fish anyway. How they exchanged vows is still a bit of a mystery however.


8. Tudor Wedding

wedding tudor

If you love Renaissance Fairs, you will no doubt appreciate a Tudor themed wedding. If you’ve ever wanted to dress up like one of history’s most underappreciated wife slayers, Henry VIII, then a Tudor themed wedding definitely fits the bill. Let’s just hope that your wedding ends up better than good old Henry’s!


9. Holy Superheroes Batman


With the enduring and never ending popularity of all things superhero, the fact that there have been superhero weddings should come as no real surprise. Apparently, some super-villains turned up at the reception, but that was only to be expected.


10. Zombie Wedding

zombie wedding

Most single guys would argue that any wedding is a “zombie wedding,” because men blindly march forward and do what they are told. This zombie wedding sported an army of walking dead also dressed as zombies. They rambled incoherently and devoured everything in their path, just like at a “normal” wedding. Brains…


11. Nude Wedding

naked wedding

For most of us, the term “nude wedding” conjures up the worst possible images. For example, what if our sixty-seven year nudist Aunt Sally and her new gentlemen caller Chuck decided to tie the knot? But on occasion, attractive and semi-attractive people opt for the nude wedding as well. Take, for example, Ellie Barton and Phil Hendicott from that wild land down under Australia. A nude wedding definitely has advantages, such as saving money. Ellie and Phil wore nothing more than their wedding rings and some strategically placed roses. One has to ponder what the guests wore to this most memorable of weddings.


12. Storm Trooper Wedding

storm trooper

For those Star Wars fans that feel that a Star Wars themed wedding simply isn’t extreme enough, there is always the possibility of the storm trooper themed wedding. On the downside, everyone is dressed like a mindless killing machine doing the bidding of an evil empire. However, on the plus side, at least everyone is mostly wearing white.


13. Painted Wedding

Painted Wedding

If you are looking for a way to save some serious cash on your wedding and give people an eyeful at the same time, then its definitely going to be tough to beat the paint themed wedding. If you are going to consider this as a serious option then I recommend you spend some serious time in the gym, as these outfits leave nothing to the imagination.


14. Gas Mask Themed Wedding

Gas Mask

Ahhh, love is in the air. How can we tell? Why everyone has gasmasks on silly! Yes, the gas mask themed wedding, as depicted above, was likely a product of WWI, or at least one would hope. Hey, if you have any idea as to the facts behind this most eerie of pictures, please let us know.

15. Sky Diving Wedding

sky diving

Just imagine for a moment taking your vows at 5000 above the earth, only you’re not in an airplane. Instead you are hurling towards earth at about 125 miles per hour. If this sounds like your idea of fun, then you might want to consider a skydiving themed wedding. Just don’t drop the ring.


3 Responses to " 15 Insane Weddings That Have Ever Taken Place "

  1. IceMan says:

    The gas mask theme wedding most likely took place on the Izu Islands (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izu_Islands). Reason behind the masks is here, no.3: http://www.cracked.com/article_17379_p2.html

  2. s10fellow says:

    According to gasmasks.net, the masks the wedding party in #14 are wearing are Soviet PMGs from the 1970s. So this pic must hail from the USSR or another Warsaw Pact country.

  3. Andy says:

    Where can I add to this list. I have a Civil War Confederate Wedding that I can post pictures from haha. Great couple just odd wedding gotta love it.

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